Photographs by Robert Shantz

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Permission is granted to use these photos for personal or educational uses only. They are copyrighted.


Archived Photographs by Date First Added

This Month and Last 3 Months Only


Date First Added     Number of Photos given in Parentheses

       July 20, 2018  (31)   Bighorn, chipmunks, deer, misc

       June 25, 2018  (45)   Elk, Pronghorn, birds, butterflies, misc

       June 15, 2018  (26)   Elk, Pronghorn, and helicopter

       June 8, 2018  (22)   Elk, Pronghorn, birds, mine haul trucks, misc.

       May 7, 2018  (27)   Butterflies, birds, misc.

       April 18, 2018  (38)   Joshua Trees, Prickly Pear, Porcupine, some equipment and a few others

       April 11, 2018  (50)   All birds:  shorebirds, hummingbirds, hawk and many others

       April 2, 2018  (23)   Black-Hawk, Swallows, Railroad Equipment

       March 21, 2018  (35)   Wind Farm, Bridges, Railroad Equipment

       March 6, 2018  (26)   Mostly waterfowl and a couple of javelina


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